Gilda Monreal


Photo by Jérémie Triplet
Photo by Jérémie Triplet

Gilda Monreal is an award winning quadrilingual actress, writer and director for theatre, film and television. Her work has been produced and screened in Canada, the United States, France, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Chile. With writing credits in theatre, film and television, her scripts have been presented in various international festivals. Her work has been critically acclaimed and includes her theatre production "Ayelen" (writer and director), her documentary “The Wall That Speaks” (director; produced by the National Film Board of Canada), and her short film "COLD" (co-writer, co-producer, lead actress) which went on to win two international “Best Picture” awards (OutFest & DR XIV International Film Festival). Her theatre acting credits include Refugee Hotel, After the Fire, Unity 1918, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Her film and television credits include lead roles in several feature films (Bachata, Viola, Gelsomina, Cold), and co-host of TV’s Latin Focus CJNT.



Written, Directed & Produced by Gilda Monreal

Presented at SummerWorks Festival 2015 and Caminos Festival 2015


Co-Written & Co-Directed by Gilda Monreal & Judith Rodriguez

Winner "Best Short" at Women in Shorts 2012 and OutFest 2011

Official Selection at Caribbean Tales Film Festival 2016; Women in Shorts 2012; Alucine 2011; OutFest 2011


"LEX" (2010) Directed by Gustavo Graef Marino

(Director of The Voice, Diplomatic Siege, License to Kill, Johnny 100 Pesos, Johnny 100 Pesos - Veinte Años y Un Día)

'Theatre Review: Unity (1918) at Monument National'

by Christina Manolescu

Invisible Cities Network

"...hilariously played by Gilda Monreal... stealing the show..."

'Better Than Good, Alice is Enchanting'

by Katherine Greenaway

The Montreal Gazette

"...Gilda Monreal for the technically impressive moment..."

'The Indie Theatre Times Review: Sins of the Mother'

by Alice Rockbrand

Travesty Theatre Publication

"...(Gilda Monreal) thoroughly believable... she had the best Irish accent..."